Daily Post Challenge: Du Maurier.

The weekly writing challenge invites you to write in a style of an author that you love, replacing your existing techniques and experimenting with another. As you have probably guessed Daphne Du Maurier has been the author that has inspired me to write. This is an homage to her as I attempt to stylistic imitate her suspenseful and mysterious writings. My first weekly writing challenge, I think I am a little late on this one but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try writing in my favourite authors style.

Last night I dreamt about what I thought I would forget, not knowing why this vision crept into my mind I awoken early with the uneasy feeling that I was not alone. I looked around in search of the time and found that I has slept right through to morning, the blood rushed from my face as I remembered I had an engagement, I looked for my nearest dress, undesirably left hanging from the night before, and adorned myself with haste.

Anxiety made a dreadful accompaniment to an empty stomach, I called out to the maid and asked for my eggs to be scrambled, knowing I would perhaps not be able to consume them. I remembered the dream again, it crept up on me as quickly as I had awoke from it this morning. The familiarity posed confusion, I knew this place all too well, I had seen the many faces, the different people that had been there, the man who worked solely on his garden row, the old women in her shawl who stared at me blankly.

I was brought back to reality with the present situation, my eggs came with a welcoming smell, but as I presumed I was in too much of a rush to eat them. As I ran from the front porch I heard the maid call out to me, her words were a mixture of urgency and shocked dismay at my swift departure. I could not look back, to miss this engagement would bring more harm to us, my car was brought round and I left my little house, thinking of returning when the clock reached 5pm was a moment of content joy for me. This was the first of many days to come, I knew I had to provide myself with a means to live, this office is a way I shall do so and I shall not and will not look back.

What do you think?

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