Well this Knight was Dark.

Already I’m falling behind. I had plans yesterday to write about my day, it was lovely, I had fun, I saw things, did this and did that. But what stopped me from blogging was the Batman himself, I went to the cinema to see the latest film from the franchise, The Dark Knight Rises, and the title doesn’t lie, it was very dark when I left the cinema, far too late on a work night. I got home at 11pm bursting with things to say but tiredness overwhelmed me. I think this blog will just become ‘And as for yesterday’ or ‘And as for last week’.

A miniature review of batman is in order. The film started at around 20:17 give or take, adverts these days take advantage of watchful eyes, I finished most of my popcorn as a result. The film was long, it didn’t feel long but then again a lot happened. The film fast forwards 7 years after the death of Harry Dent, Bruce Wayne is a recluse still in mourning for his lost love Rachel. The film begins in the usual way, the bad guy has his intro with scenes of heavy violence and hard knocks. Wayne shown in all his lonesome sorrow, new characters like Blake,  Joseph Gordan-Levitt, who we later find out is Robin, although I figured that out pretty early on and Cat Women played by Anne Hathaway. It took a while to warm to Cat Women and Hathaway, we are used to her gracing our screens literally, always the elegant, sweet hearted girl who lives an ordinary life. Quite the contrary with her Cat Women and her brutal meanness and kick ass attitude. I like superhero films because it makes me want to be a super hero, Cat Women doesn’t begin as a hero, I’ll forgive her for that but by the end I want to be Cat Women, she is a strong female protagonist of the film and stands boldly alongside Batman. The story line, well I couldn’t go into too much details because there was lots of details. It was strong and well justified, I think too much went on when certain parts could be cut. I will tell you now that it could be borderline and tipping into a comedy genre,  beware as some scenes are very dramatised, I found myself laughing at a lot of these, they are great!

That’s a small review, I don’t want to give the plot away because that would take too long, it is a very handsome film in many respects. It is Gothic and dark which is what makes me so hungry for more, there is always a cloud lingering over Gotham City with great anticipation waiting for the next bad ass, kick ass, I dare say a little too violent, and tough loving film.


What do you think?

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