I’ve not given up but, I’ve moved on. Its an expensive habit and I did what I needed to do.

Whilst at university I studied Contemporary Devised Theatre, a degree that is consuming in the most fantastic sense of the word. I immersed myself into every aspect, analysing art and the everyday and putting my heart, soul and spare-time into the whole course. I wouldn’t read anything but contemporary readers and non-fiction performance books, artistically written so they jump up and perform in-front of you. Through fault of my own I neglected the other books of the world, the novels and classics and wonderful poetry and prose. I didn’t feel proudly about this, but in contemporary art it surrounds you and that’s what it did to me, so much so I wouldn’t read anything else. With the books back in the library and a summer of free time ahead of me, I thought about those books that I have ignored, the stories I haven’t read and the classics where I knew their names but knew nothing about them. Invitation to reading accepted, I picked up my first novel Jamaica inn by Daphne Du Maurier.Oh how ignorant I was, how blind I was to the wonderful world of reading, for pleasure. I’ve studied literature but reading for pleasure, that was a term that I have rarely used. I have reignited an old flame, I love reading, addictive and powerful I was hooked, I am hooked.

I was close to finishing Daphne Du Maurier’s Jamaica inn, Her name as beautiful as the way she writes as the words were reeling of the pages I soon realised I had a reading rate of 1 book per week. Luckily Du Maurier has written enough for me to read for a while, but I ran into a problem. With a rate like mine I would finish one book before I had another bo0k to move on to. I will just order another from Amazon, no need to panic.

My book will be here in 3-5 days Amazon told me, I knew this and I knew I had to be patient but, I love reading, give me books, give me more. The thought of going without a Du Maurier on my bus journey to work shook me to the very core.  Book-less, I was faced with either reading a stale copy of Watership Down or Oedipus Rex from my dusty old library that was established in 1991 or read my newspaper app on my phone where I would have to strain my eyes to read the headlines, neither as you would guess, enthused my desire. To be honest I don’t know how I got through those 3-5 days but I did, and I would never put myself in that situation again.

Working in marketing I am hounded with the term ‘forward thinking’ . that’s it, i will take what i learnt and put it into practice. I was forwardly thinking and planning how to avoid being book-less. I thought about ordering a bulk of books from Amazon, but that would be too expensive. I thought about going to a book shop, but that would be too expensive. I’m not broke but I’m still in student mode so as you can appreciate parting with my money still hurts a little bit. And then I thought about an eReader, light, small, perfect for the commuter, this is sounding like it has my name on it,  loaded with hundreds of classics, classics did you say? I was listening. No, it doesn’t have pages, no it doesn’t have that new book smell, no you can’t use a book mark, but yes you can have books on demand any time anywhere. I was sold, I brought a Kobo today, our relationship is very new but I can’t see myself waiting for 3-5days again. I have not given books up, I’ve just moved on.

Here is a view from my favourite reading spot, idyllic and romantic. The classics have affected me in more ways then none.

What do you think?

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