When it rains, it pours

Today the weather was mild, occasionally wet but nothing too dramatic. Talking about the weather is a common conversation topic in Britain, many call it small talk, a way to break the ice. I like talking about the weather and really, genuinely, find it interesting, to some degrees, Fahrenheit.

I was coming back from work this early evening, tired and zombiefied from staring at a computer for 8 hours when the rain began to pour. It was raining cats and dogs, raindrops fell at a rapid rate hitting the ground with a thud, making ripples in the newly formed puddles, it was such a sudden change in weather I perked up and saw my surroundings shift from normality. The shower was so brief it was as if it wasn’t reality. For those 5 minutes the city turned, changing from the mundanity that comes with routine, into a frantic beautiful mess.

I got off the bus and was immersed, running to my next bus stop, my face was forming drips of their own and my shoes were filling up, soaking my socks. There I was running through the city with a grin on my face, it woke me up from my post-work coma. I observed the alternative rush hour, the spontaneous reactions to the unpredicted weather and the inability to change it, to stop it from happening. The city was full of adrenaline; Pedestrians attempts at remaining dry were in vain the umbrellas didn’t work and hair was getting wet crimping and curling,  no match to the down pour. Cyclists became even more erratic with their faces poking out from their tightened hoods, squinting their eyes as a result of the poor visibility, from the splashing vehicles (Not looking so smug now are you cyclists).

I felt liberated from my rotten routine, my ‘get me home’ blinkers switched off and I saw the world in the present, reacting to this sudden shock of the shower. I’m never one to run through the city but I found myself jumping over puddles, dashing for the crossing, smiling and laughing to myself at this 5 minute down pour, and how it changed my expectations of the day.

And that’s why I like talking about the weather, so how was your day? What was the weather like where you were today? The forecast here said showers likely, I’d say.

6 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours

    • That’s great! I only react nicely to these freak downpours, if it rains constantly then I’m not so happy about it! Hope your downpour was spontaneous and quick! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  1. Oh my! What a lovely reminder! I have had several conversations about the weather here in Germany with other Americans, but we have also noticed that the locals are less keen on these conversations. Small talk is not their thing… In any case, if you do ask a German about the weather, even complimenting it, the likely response is, “just wait until tomorrow.” oh bother…

    The weather here is chilly and damp, rather gray. Nothing sudden, nothing dramatic, just a really good excuse to curl up with a cup of tea…

    • I remember that in Germany to, especially in the supermarkets when you would try to make contact, to say hello to the shopping assistant and they were not interested and just wanted to scan as quickly as they could! That is the perfect excuse to curl up with a cuppa! Sounds lovely! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I think coming from the British tradition, we Canadians have wholeheartedly adopted the weather-talk as a cultural form. I think you’d love the wind here. Coping with an unseen force coming at you at 120km/h will definitely mess with your routine and keep you awake!

    • That sounds like so much fun, it would definitely knock my socks off! I would love to go to Canada and talk all things weatherly! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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