Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine.

My mother, My brother and me.

This photo is one of those photos that you can stare at for a while or just one fleeting look but it remains emotive, powerful and heart-warming, this photo will never be dull or shoved in an album waiting for years to pass for me to stumble upon it. This photo is here, its mine.

This photo takes me to that place, my grandparents garden, probably summer and maybe a weekday. I look into the eyes of every person captured by the lens, I imagine and try to feel what I felt, what my mother was thinking, behind her bright blue eyes and imagining the person taking the photo probably by Grampy.

This picture isn’t mine, it is ours but when I behold this image, when I take the time to look at it for longer than a side glance it is mine and my thoughts, a moment paused. It represents unity and strength; My mother was a little older than I was now, she had two children and she brought us up being a solid and supportive figure in my life. My dad was working away a lot and weekends were when we spent most of our time with him. This day was a day when he wasn’t there, a day when my mum had us and we had her. She was/is our everything. She won’t know that this is how I feel when I look at this picture and how much respect I have for her and this picture sums up why.

There are copies of the picture, my mum has one and we share our love for this image but this one is mine, mine in thoughts and mine on my bedside, reminding me of my wonderful mother her young and continued strength, her happiness and inspiring love.

Thank you mum, love Jess.


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