Sundays, There is nothing quite like ’em

I always remember Sundays, the smell of a roast dinner cooking in the oven, Antiques Road-show on TV and most likely the rain was pouring outside, hitting hard on the windows of our house. Rainy Sundays. I used to hate those rainy Sundays, I hated the smell of the roast dinner, which was very controversial , and I hated the Antiques Road-show opening theme tune, all because they reminded me that the next day would be Monday and that meant back to school.  I’ve grown up since then. I love a good roast, lamb to be exact, I haven’t found the love for Antiques Road-Show quite yet, that will be in the years to come but, rainy Sundays, there is nothing quite like ’em.

Grey sky and autumnal colours…

Summer has barely left us but already I am looking forward to the coming months, the paths are already filling with leaves of different autumnal shades and my wardrobe needs a season re-vamp. The cold is rolling in thick and fast, “its going to be a long cold winter, I can feel it in my bones” I keep saying to myself as if I was intuitive about the coming weather, when really the increase in jumpers and layers says it all. Today was a cold and rainy Sunday, I had to go outside but tried to keep it to a minimum, these are the best kind of Sundays because there is really no need to do much at all, the weather brings with it a need to hibernate and my rainy Sunday pushes me behind closed doors. Curling up on the sofa, nestled beneath blankets with a good film to watch in the afternoon, after the legendary Sunday roast, then settling down for the prime time period drama, and certainly not forgetting drinking copious amounts of tea and stuffing my face with biscuits. The grey rain clouds cover the sky with an early darkness, bed time looms and I am thankful for these Sunday’s, the rainy ones.

I Hope your Sunday, rainy or not, was a peaceful, lazy and happy day.

9 thoughts on “Sundays, There is nothing quite like ’em

  1. Did we live the same life? I feel like I have so much in common with you. You described exactly what Sundays were like for me too haha. I wish my Sunday had been like that today. Instead it was filled with many adult-responsible-like things, but that’s OK. At least Monday won’t be as much of a shock back into “work mode”. Glad you had a nice rainy Sunday. Thanks for a great post!

    • That’s great!! I knew I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed lazy Sundays! Thanks for the comment, I am now enjoying, or rather not, a very wet and rainy Monday morning, somehow not so much fun! haha Have a good Monday!! 🙂

  2. I’m having a rainy, lazy Monday in a house full of sick people, but yesterday was a pleasant enough Sunday, in fact I enjoyed myself a lot yesterday.
    Sundays can be so lovely.

  3. Beautiful post. My Sundays were much like yours. Frequently at my grandmothers, with a lamb roast cooking in the oven. Great memories. Can’t say we’ve really had any Fall weather here in So. Cal. yet though. Would like some…

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