The last few months.

Firstly I need to fill you in on the last few months.

I should of started this blog then but then I was occupied with the task of applying for jobs.

Having finished university at the end of June, I felt very aware of my unemployed status. I am the person who likes to have a plan, I always have known where I was going next, Finishing uni comes with such strong emotions, I was worried about not having a plan, I had a plan to make a plan, but I stepped away and entered into the impulsive realm of a person, with no plan. I felt exhilarated that for once I wasn’t tied to anything, I had no commitments or deadlines, I had to get a job but you can’t exactly rush or plan for it. It is a waiting game, I had to learn to be patient and calm.

That is where I started after I finished. Determination was never fleeting as I began the job hunt, I looked for everything, applied for almost everything, at least 4 a day was my target. I would get up and note how many I applied for that day, it was tiring and exhausting. I was an employer of the job search 2012,  applying and writing applications and trying to make myself sound confident but not too much, witty but not sarcastic, unique but not weird, Becoming a skill in itself I might aswell add ‘applied for jobs’ on my CV.
There are no work hours applying for jobs, there is no shut off time. Newly posted jobs that I missed in the morning now made themselves known at 11pm at night, feeling too guilty to hold off till morning…”just in case, just in case what?” I’d ask myself, and the answer? “Just in case the employer happened to check his emails and see my CV at 11pm at night.” There was no end to getting a job. The end would be the job.

I got a job though, actually I got two. When I was five days into the first I got a full time offer from the second, which is a three month internship in marketing. Brilliant, it paid off, late nights replacing my student pastimes of Thirsty Thursdays and Manic Monday’s, for a night with the laptop me and endless googled job searches, it all paid off. I am dabbling with different words I could use to describe the task of applying for jobs, but in all truth I haven’t decided whether I heavily loathe and detest it or, in complete comparison, I secretly enjoy applying day and night and find the whole process incredibly fun.

It probably isn’t the latter but sometimes, occasionally it is. Especially when you get the job.

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