World, Hello.

Hello world, Word Press appropriately named my first automatic blog post. Hello world indeed. hello adult world, or the real world as many seem to put it. My first reminder of this new world that i was soon to encounter was earlier this year when I turned 21 in april I was given numerous novelty items that had a key imprinted into their design. ‘The key to the door’ my Nan would say, as I asked what does the door mean I was given ‘life, you know the adult world’. Oh, I thought, how poignant this moment is, I’ll remember this forever.
Another ‘real’ moment was leaving university. The bittersweet transition from the student life into the adult realm. The word adult and real world begin to dwell on you as you start to hand in the final strands of the end term projects, as the weather warms and the flowers begin to bloom we are beckoned to join the force of many who went before us. We become, a graduate. The word beams out knowledge, strength, accomplishment. I AM A GRADUATE. Yes I am, she says powerfully, as the word requires strength and a high head to be spoken correctly. As I put down my final piece of documentation, passing it to my tutor slowly, confidently, but savouring the moment as ‘this is the last time I will ever have to do this, ever in the real sense, not like when you leave school at sixteen and you hope to believe that was the last ever exam you will ‘ever’ sit, the last piece of homework ‘ever’. This is forever, unless of course you go on to do MA, PhD, Doctorate, whatever next, but for me it was the last piece ever. I left that day feeling smug, relieved and with open arms to the next chapter to my life.

Come on then real world let’s be having you.


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